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Late evening. It's snowing. I look into the sky and watch as the small, soft looking flakes fall. Each one different, however slight that difference may be. Yet...each one is as beautiful and entrancing as the last. as I watch, I set my eyes on one in particular. I watch as it slowly falls. the cold windless air allows it to move of its own will. I watch the intricate dance it moves to as it weaves its way around its companions. Sometimes it seems as though it is in a duet with one particular flake, then it seems as though it just wants to dance to its own beat. I watch its decent. As it is about to touch the snow covered ground, I reach down and pick it up. I hold it in my hand and look at it a bit. I wonder how it has the courage to leave the cloud and make the plunge to this cold hard earth, where it has no idea what is in store for it. Then i remember how happy it seemed as it was dancing through the air. It seemed as though it was happy to be free, or more fitting, as though it was happy to be heading where it was, even if it didn't know what it was going to be like. i think about this for a bit longer, then I turn my hand back over and allow it to finish its decent to the snow covered ground. I walk across the parking lot and head inside.

I walk through the doors and look around. there are a few people, but not many. tonight is a slow night. I spot her immediately. She is hard to miss, she has beautiful pink hair and bright curious green eyes. She sees me and smiles, waving me over. I walk over and sit next to her. She smiles at me again, and says she is glad i came. I smile at her and I ask if she has ordered yet. She hasn't and we place our orders. I really love this place. The owner wanted to make a safe place where teens could be teens and have fun. He ended up buying an old warehouse and turning it into a large restaurant, but with tables spread out, 3 of the walls have a "bar", meaning you can sit there and order soda, and the last wall has open booths. The whole place was made so that the employees could watch the kids and make sure they were safe. There is even a small booth outside to make sure the kids get to their cars safely.

I turn to her. She is having fun trying to figure out the riddle of the day that was on the table. I smile and decide now is as good a time as any to ask her.

"Hey, Eu?"
"Hmm? Yeah?"
"So, um, I was wondering..."
"What is it?"
"Well, we have been hanging out for a while now."
"Yeah, I love our time together, we always have fun" She said this with a smile. I think about how much I love her company. I think for a moment. I really don't want to mess this up.
"Well, i was thinking, maybe, you and I could go out sometime, like, on a date?"
She sits there in silence for a few moments. I start to panic. Did I make the wrong move? Did I say it wrong? Does she not like me?

She interrupts my thoughts by Jumping on me and hugging me tightly.
"Thank you so much!" She says in such a cute and happy voice.
I am a bit confused here, so I put my hands on her shoulders and push her back a bit.
"So is that a yes?" I ask with a genuinely confused face. She laughs and then she hugs me again.
"Of course silly! Why else would I be so happy?"
It takes a moment for me to register her words, than I hug her back.

The rest of the night we talk, and eat, and laugh, and play, but we never let go of each others hand, and we never loose the feeling of happiness we have brought each other.
Snowflakes Dancing Through the Air
Tell me what you think, i love your feedback and would appreciate more of it. You guys are my inspiration, so give me a reason to write. for every person who comments ill make a new story.
Hey, im thinking of getting Alpha wars turned into a book, if anyone has any insight to this, i would appriciate it.


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United States
heyas, i am a nice guy, or at least i think i am, i love scifi, and fantasy, but i love any kind of art, especialy wrighting.
well, other than that, i love using a sword, or any blade realy, it cals me. dont worry, i only use it when there is no one arround, so i am the only one who can be hurt.

My favorite thing to do is talk to my Girlfriend, she is the sweetest person ever, and i definitely don't deserve her, but she loves me anyways. I am so grateful that i have her.

favorite color: definitly red, scarlet to be more presice

favorite food: all (exept raw pineapple, tomato, corn, and onion, if it isnt raw, i dont mind)

favorite person: My Girlfriend

best strength: my ingenuity in a fight

favorite passtimes: video games, swimming, walking through town (especialy at night, it is so beautifull, especialy at night in winter), and walking through stores with my freinds

favorite saying: "the HEEEELLLLL?" (just came to me one day)

best personality trait: my sence of protection, i will protect anyone, even if i dont paticulaarly like that person
i have great reflexes, and a sixth sence of sorts, i can see things happening when i shouldent be able to, helps out alot when i am trying to keep some one safe

worst thing about me: either my appearence, or my unique ability to unintentionaly hurt others, i am just not good wth my voice

worst skill: drawing, i cant draw to save my life, unless it is a peace dagger, i made the peace daggers, so i am awesome at making our symbol

most listened to song: this one…

i uploaded a pic of me

in case of a zombie apocalypse: i will be the one in a sniper spot, covering your ass on the way out of the city, or into my base, which will be covered on all sides by my team of seven, for more details on this comment asking about it

Favorite WTF book:… canot explain, just read it

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